About Wilmar BioEthanol

On 1 January 1855, the Colonial Sugar Refining Company was established in Sydney to refine imported raw sugar for the domestic market. Incorporated in 1887, the company changed its name to CSR Limited in 1973. Refining operations expanded to Melbourne in 1857, and to New Zealand in 1884.

Marking a new era, Sucrogen Ltd was formed in March 2010 to focus on developing full potential of our sugar and renewable energy company.

In December 2010, Sucrogen was acquired by Wilmar International Limited - the largest Asian agribusiness and the second largest listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange - adding strength to our growth plans.

Wilmar incorporates all the former CSR Sugar businesses - Mills (now Cane Products), Ethanol (now BioEthanol) and Sugar Refining (now Sweeteners). It builds on our strong history in sugar, which will stay at the heart of everything we do: but it will also allow us to capitalise on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in renewable energy.


Australia’s leader in ethanol

Now known as  Wilmar BioEthanol it is one of three major Australian producers of ethanol products, supplying over half of the domestic Food & Beverage and Industrial market as well as supplying the rapidly growing fuel market in Australia.

Wilmar BioEthanol produces its ethanol (ethyl alcohol) by fermenting molasses, a by-product of sugar production.  Wilmar BioEthanol’s Sarina Distillery in Queensland produces 60 million litres of ethanol per year.