A Cleaner, Greener Fuel

Renewable & Sustainable Ethanol produced by Wilmar from molasses produces less than half the C02 emissions of petrol. By using E10 in your cars, you can help reduce the production of greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. Wilmar BioEthanol's… read more

Carbon Cycle

The key environmental benefit of ethanol is that unlike petroleum, its consumption does not significantly raise levels of CO2. There is scientific evidence to suggest that CO2 levels are a major contributor to global warming. Using ethanol in petrol, means we… read more

Learning Centre

Ethanol Overview About Wilmar BioEthanol Wilmar BioEthanol is Australia’s leading manufacturer of ethanol products. Wilmar BioEthanol first begun distilling ethanol from molasses in 1901. What is Ethanol Ethanol is a an alcohol that is a clear, colourless and… read more

Sugar Process

Wilmar's Cane Products business is proud to own and operate some of the most efficient… read more

Myth Buster

Fact - Wilmar ethanol produces less than half CO2 emissions of Petrol. read more

Environmental Benefits

A renewable resource derived from crops like grain or in Wilmar BioEthanol’s case… read more

About Wilmar BioEthanol

On 1 January 1855, the Colonial Sugar Refining Company was established in Sydney to… read more